Wedding charter

Put a Wow to your Special Day with a Wedding Charter

A wedding is one of the few events that brings together all the important people in our lives. But, organizing a private jet charter for weddings has gradually emerged as a mainstream option among many popular wedding organizers. So, why bind it within a space when you have an opportunity to unleash it and make it large with a wedding charter

Weddings, Proposals, or even Honeymoons – They are really special. Treat them as if they really matter to you. These happen once in a lifetime. Make it a special and memorable one. 

It allows you to get to the most remote places in your own or any other country. Having a personal aircraft has become a viable alternative to commercial aviation, as you are the owner of the aircraft and can take it anywhere you feel like. How a private jet charter can make your wedding or proposal extra special.

Why plan for the same old monotonous wedding like everyone when you have a chance to do something different? 

Arriving in style ensures that your event will get off to a great start. In most cases, the groom uses the occasion to snap pictures and make movies, creating a lovely backdrop for wedding day filmmaking. In short, it’s all about “showcasing,” or as you can say, “The WOW effect.”

Let me share a small story with all of you. 

Raj and Priya were friends since school. Together, they did their college. Later, they started their jobs in different cities. But they decided to make their special day even more special.

Unlike others, or how their parents, and friends got married…they planned to create an impression.

Marriage is a bond basically between 2 families. With a few friends and family on the side, they proposed on the private jet at 40,000 feet and headed towards their dream destination for the wedding ceremony.

How to find the best private jet charter company for your wedding or proposal

Just finding the best private jet charter company for your wedding or proposal is not sufficed. As a customer, one needs to consider the safety as well. As we all know that accidents don’t come informed.

Here are some crucial parameters and key takeaways that must be kept in mind while planning for private jet charter for wedding or similar occasional gathering.  

  1. To make planes even safer, more security inspections and more sophisticated internal procedures are carried out.
  2. Two pilots are needed for twin-plane flights and helicopter flights, and they often have flight hours up to 2-3 times longer than a private pilot.
  3. To create an environment that is suitable for the personnel and has adequate infrastructure to accommodate passengers.

Make your private jet charter experience hassle-free

If you hire a private plane exclusively for the guests, getting them there on time will be simple and hassle-free. We can take the entire guest list across the country or abroad for a special wedding experience.

The interior and outside of the plane can even be branded and customised for the ultimate VIP statement. For an extra special touch, we can even customise the on-board meals or brand the aircraft’s interior to match the wedding’s theme. Therefore, the ability to tailor the entire experience to a customer’s demands is quite awesome.

Choosing our air charter service is also a smart move because it can significantly reduce travel time, allow for flexible schedules to meet everyone’s needs, and, of course, eliminate the inconvenience of waiting in lines at airports.

Another fantastic aspect is that you can charter flights in addition to weddings. It might be a terrific idea for those seeking a means to sort out their plans during these periods to charter events like bachelor parties, bachelorettes, and even honeymoons.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your wedding with BookMyCharters, and we’ll do everything we can to make it unforgettable!